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There’s a wealth of data from on-farm soybean research and test strips across the state, and now it’s all at your fingertips. The South Dakota Soybean On-Farm Research Program is sponsored by the South Dakota soybean checkoff in partnership with SDSU Extension. Now, you can view and filter results from on-farm research projects in South Dakota, and use the information to help you make efficient management decisions in your fields.

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Here’s What’s Inside

This is where you can make the information specific to your area. Search for specific applications and then apply that information to your county for a site-specific report. Filter by: county, soil type, brand and variety, fertilizer type, maturity, usage of pesticides, fungicides and herbicides, tillage type, seed treatment, year and row spacing.
You can also access individual test field reports that include elevation mapping and rainfall, over time, by county.

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Ever wanted to try a new product or management practice on your soybean fields? The On-Farm Research Program is open to soybean farmers in the state. If you sign up to participate, SDSU will help you set up your experiment and analyze your results. Key data about the successes and challenges of your soybean crop year will add to the information base for all soybean producers. When you provide the data we described above, it will be available to everyone, but farm addresses are not displayed for your privacy purposes.